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What happens when a beautiful girl falls in love with a handsome Air Force pilot? Love takes flight! This love struck bride adores the most delicate & feminine flying creature of all, the butterfly of course!

Love Takes Flight


Celebrations / Published: SEP-05-2018

“Butterfly~palooza” was the scene at this country club brunch bridal shower. From the invitations to the thank you cards, butterflies were abundant. Abundant, yet tastefully and in a sophisticated manner, these lovelies were literally a 3D attraction.

Hand wired drops of monochromatic three dimensional petite butterflies cascaded from every iron chandelier in the room. Upon entry, guests were served coupes of rose bubbly, butler style, as they waltzed over to the handmade photo wall. This wall housed over 1200 folded paper butterflies, all choreographed into the shape of a heart, in ombre tones of the palette of the shower - lavenders, pinks, yellows and white. These vibrant colors were set against an all white canvas of linens and draping.

Guests enjoyed their brunching at tables draped in white fluttering petaled linens surrounded by clear “Ghost Chairs,” so as not to distract any attention away from the linens and floral. The centerpieces were collages of different shaped and sized clear glass, and boasted hand-tied roses in lavender, pink and yellow. These sleek bouquets were the perfect touch, reaching up to the “falls” of flittering butterflies above.

Guests were gifted elegant glass champagne flutes at their place settings, that were adorned with gold butterfly silhouettes. But the best was yet to come, these ladies were not only served a piece of the butterfly kissed cake, but another flute of sparkling rose topped with gourmet strawberry cotton candy.

Love took flight at this celebration without question, as our bride was surrounded by her families and friends throughout the afternoon.


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