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In a study by University of Exeter, published in Science Daily, "researchers found enriching an office with plants could increase productivity by 15%". We've rounded up the 3 main reasons why plants and flowers increase workplace productivity and happiness.

Mood Booster

Flowers can have a huge impact on our emotional health. They make a space feel more welcoming and positive. They brighten up a room and a dark, cold day. Getting out in nature is one of the top ways to improve our mentality so, bringing nature inside is a sure way to improve the mood and spark a a calm and happy workspace and home.

The smell of certain flowers and fresh herbs can effect your emotions as well. Lavender is known for promoting relaxation and a good night's rest. Jasmine is stress-reducing and uplifting. Many flowers are made into essential oils to reduce headaches, promote relaxation, or re-energize. Incorporating these fresh flowers and scents into every area of your life can bring balance throughout your days. This must be the reason so many perfumes are based off of floral scents.

Air Cleansing

Flowers not only improve mood, but the air quality as well. Indoor plants increase oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios through photosynthesis which has a positive impact on our mental & physical health. Instead of placing an artificial plant for decor, opt for indoor live plants wherever possible!

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Noise Reduction

Plants and flowers don't just purify the air and look pretty, they absorb sound too. Minimizing distractions of sounds around you so, you can get your work done. The next time you have a test to study for or have a lot on your plate for work, you might want to try surrounding yourself with flowers and fresh plants.

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