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This isn't the name of a toy.. it's an actual Diamond Industry Term to describe diamonds and gemstones in Pear Shapes, Radiant Cuts, Emerald Cuts, Asscher Cuts, Cushion Cuts, etc.
The 4 C's that you're familiar with in Brilliant Diamonds (Round) and Princess Cut Diamonds (Square) - the GIA Grading Scale (Gemological Institute of America - the International Authority for Diamond Grading) still apply to notes of value in Fancy Shapes, but many other factors come into play also.
Here are the top 5 things you need to know about fancy shapes!
1. One of the main differences in Fancy Shapes is that the proportions of each stone can differ, but have similar value.
Whereas in a Brilliant Diamond, there are notable premium proportions that determine it's value.. if the proportions differ from industry standard, it will have a lower value.
For example: in a Pear Shaped diamond, one may find "wider wings" more attractive vs. a stone with more narrow wings creates a more slender pear shape.
The beauty is in the mind's eye.
2. Stone Depth: In a Brilliant Diamond, the perfect depth percentage to maximize clarity and brilliance of the stone is 80%
In Fancy shapes, a variety of depths are acceptable, each creating different clarity characteristics with the reflections of the angled facets.
3. Value.
The term "Fancy" may give the impression that these specialty cuts are more pricey.
As it is with any piece of jewelry - there is a stone with the perfect combination of characteristics to suit your budget.
Don't focus on the price, determine first what you love and then work backwards to find a stone with the perfect combination of clarity characteristics to suit you!
4. Which stone is the most beautiful?
The Brilliant Diamond has 58 facets, making it glisten more than any other stone shape. While it is the most traditional, it's not necessarily the most beautiful..
Ask SJG, Mary or Stephanie and make it a quote.
5. What is the most important clarity characteristic?
Ask SJG or Stephanie what they think about this and let it be a quote.


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