PB&J Lunch Box


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America's classic dressed up for giving a gift from the heart! Gourmet peanut butter & jam adorn graham crackers for a taste of childhood! Arrangement includes: Stonewall Kitchen All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (15.5 oz) - The ideal match for a delectable jam; rich and creamy, 100% wholesome and delicious peanut butter. Stonewall Kitchen Peanut Butter is full of only the good stuff, but remains creamy and tastes delicious, for a PB&J that will warrant devouring applause. Stonewall Kitchen Seasonal Jam Selection (12.5 oz) - An all-natural Stonewall Kitchen jam hand-selected for the season. Stonewall Kitchen Sugar Graham Crackers (5 oz box) - These hand-cut crackers are a grown up version of a childhood favorite. Sweetened just a bit, they are crisp and delicate, and are wonderful served with creamy cheeses or fruit. All items are tastefully arranged in a branded wood box.