Luxury Toys For Men Book

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The Luxury Toys series has set high expectations during its decade of publication. Now we present its most extravagant incarnation yet. Every man yearns for the finer things in life, but only a select few can indulge in them as they wish. Some may even get to sample an occasional extravagance that is among the world's most refined. Browsing through the 304 pages of this incredible over size volume is like a trip to Aladdin's cave. Featuring exceptional products and services--the likes of which you may never encounter again-- this volume is a true representation of every possible fantasy you may have imagined. Captivating images in luxuriant color portray the finer details of these lavish toys. Whether your ideal of luxury is a customized Gulfstream jet, a private island far from the world's cares, or a Rolls-Royce to zip around towin in, it's all here waiting for you.