Joshua Tree Centerpiece

Michael Aram

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Diameter 39cm x Height 20cm.


This table centrepiece is expertly handcrafted by metal artisans. The design is formed using a combination of stainless steel, black nickelplate and natural bronze, resulting in a sleek black and silver palette.


Inspired by Joshua Tree National Park and the other-worldly plants and rock formations found there, the piece showcases a textured base that evokes thoughts of a cactus.


Every metal object by Michael Aram is created using a series of buffing, grinding and polishing techniques, which means that no two designs are the same.

Care Instructions: Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with gentle detergent, and dry immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid any detergent with lemon or other acidic agents. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads, or toxic dips that can scratch and dull metal surfaces.

The Joshua Tree collection is inspired by a visit Michael made to Joshua Tree National Park, in Southern California. As a native New Yorker, the vast landscape greatly inspired him with its incredible plants and desert terrain. To him, the location evoked feelings of being on a different planet with 'other-worldly' rock formations and dramatic cactus shapes. The mid-century modern California architecture and the sculptural interplay between the landscape and buildings also greatly influence this collection.

"My first trip to Joshua Tree left an indelible impression on me. The shapes and magnitude of the rocks and unique plants, set against the desaturated colors of the desert, allowed me to re-imagine new forms in a stark, more abstract way."

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