At Gianni Fine Jewelers, we bring you the best and most exclusive collections including the largest name brands spanning from across the world. Our Engagement and Wedding Collections consist of timeless elegance and one-of-a-kind custom deigns. We provide our clients with exquisite colored gemstones and the best customer service finding the perfect ring suitable for you!

While shopping for a stone, the 4 C's should be your guide!

CUT- The way a diamond is cut will ultimately unleash its light. Since cut styles are all different, the unique characteristics will determine the quality of the stone.
CARAT- The diamond's WEIGHT, not its size.
CLARITY- Imperfections found in the diamond will determine its clarity. Rocks with fewest flaws score the highest grade of clarity.
COLOR- Ranging in grades D-K, D is most colorless, while K will have some traces of yellow.

Diamond Shapes: