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There are many ways to display one’s brand new luxury towels in the bathroom. Some of our favorite options are rolled in a basket, draped over the tub, stacked on a shelf, or layered on a towel rack. Matouk created this amazing Towel Placement diagram to follow and guide you through the process!

Draped over the bathtub or towel rack
Draping your towels on a rack, tub, or sink helps open up the room and doesn't require more furniture taking up additional space, but instead utilizing the space you have! It creates an organized and dimensional look as well when draped in layers.

Dressers, open shelving, and carts provide functional storage and a welcoming aesthetic, if kept well organized. It's also any easy way to bring more color and design to your space!

Baskets provide a functional, but elegant contrast by holding rolled or stacked towels. This is an easy and more casual way to store and display towels in a bathroom.


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